She Rates Dogs: The Podcast

Talking Twitter ft. Matt Nelson (WeRateDogs)

Talking Twitter ft. Matt Nelson (WeRateDogs)

She Rates Dogs: The Podcast - January 12, 2021 - 53:13

FINALLY Matt Nelson of the WeRateDogs empire joins the pod this week. Matt talks about building his brands to an over ~15 million~ follower count, getting political as an online creator, and some of the incredible causes he’s gotten to support with his platform. Michaela and Matt relate about how Twitter’s a successful dating app, while Mat listens intently (not relating). They play classic SRD pod games, and discuss how Twitter’s biggest personalities have changed over the years, along with how their own accounts have changed. The hosts and Matt also catch up on the week’s events, the attempted coup at the Capitol, and their feelings watching everything unfold.

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